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Welcome to Zane Care

Welcome to Zane Care Inc.


Zane Care is an authorized home non-medical care and 245D organization based in Minnesota. We offer 24-hour care services to clients with our registered Nurses and outstanding personal care assistance on stand by; ready to assist you in any of your needs. Our talented staff allows our clients to stay at home or get back sooner in the wake of recuperating from ailment, medical procedure, or other ailment. 

At our Home Care Facility, we take pride in the service we provide to our patient. We guarantee that every individual we serve with compassion and respect. Zane Care understands and values the importance of family and foster deep understanding of humility when connecting with and caring for our patients during their most vulnerable time of need. All of our services are person-centered ensuring each patient has their own individualized care. We are committed to assisting out patients in reaching their maximum potential. 


ZANE CARE is here to assist you with the care you need in both basic and intensive support services.

We are hiring! click the link to download the application